The Skinny on Fats: The science behind our low carb/ Metabolic diet plan

The Elite Fitness Metabolic Diet

The metabolic diet works by using dietary fats for energy, thus igniting the Krebs cycle to drive body fat into the cells to be burned. You keep proteins high to save muscle tissue and carbohydrates low to ensure lipolysis, which is the use of fat for energy.

         You will be required to overcome a two to three day period where your body changes to this process, this is a common pitfall, people have a headache and feel weird and just say “ohh it doesn’t work for me”. Be strong, stay the course, it becomes easy once your body converts to a fat burning machine.

                           The beauty and reason to sacrifice is the ability to eat almost anything you want for a specific period! Usually done on the weekends, this carb load period fills glycogen stores and gets you ready to go for another period of low carb. It is not unusual to gain 2-3 pounds during this period, but it is mostly water and by Wednesday you will be back down to Fridays weight. By the next Friday you should be down 1.5-2 pounds, thus cutting about that much weight per week. The only contingency is that when you start to feel bloated or “fat”, you have to cut the carbs and go high fat/protein again.


                           This diet only works if your calories are coming 50% from fat, I have seen many people eat chicken or egg whites or low fat this or that, trying to save calories. We have been trained that fat is bad, well if you are not predisposed to high cholesterol (check with your doctor), and without carbs, your body will not store dietary fats anywhere in your body. It will burn them along with your body fat. Chicken is fine, but make sure it’s with a salad that has the proper amount of olive oil or take fish oil pills ect. I cannot stress this enough, the fat is what your body needs and it is what will satisfy your appetite. If you don’t get enough dietary fat you will fail.


         Ok, let’s start with the fun part! For a 24 period, you have two meals to eat whatever you want, but only until you start to feel fat or bloated. Usually people will overdue it the first weekend, but then you will set into a rhythm and know how much you can eat. If you are a sugar addict, watch out, you have to be able to stop when you go too far. Most people tell me that they are ready on Sunday to start their high protein days, as they get sick of carbs. Make sure you take a multi-vitamin and a Phase2 carb blocker (you can buy almost anywere), this shuttles carbs to the muscles and not the fat cells.

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